Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I contact staff with questions?
  • Planning
    Cassidy Walsh-Becker

    Jessica Sierens

    Code Compliance
    Sarah Bounds

    Public Works
    Melissa Angeles

    Business Licenses
    Esmeralda Zermeno
  • How do I submit/upload plans/documents?
  • There are several ways in which documents can be added to a case.

    • After submitting your Planning, Building & Safety or Public Works application, you can click on the "Upload Documents" button on the confirmation page. This will take you to the document screen where you can upload documents.
    • From the "My Account" module, identify your case in which you would like to add documents to. After clicking on the case you will be shown a new information dialog. Click on the "Documents" tab to view the case documents and upload any new documents.
  • What is the anticipated length of time it may take to get a response regarding the adequacy of my initial web submitted materials?
  • The designated staff person will respond within one week regarding the adequacy of the initial web submitted materials.
  • What is the anticipated length of time for review of a Business License?
  • It will take approximately 10 to 14 days for a General Business License. For specialty licenses (e.g. Cannabis) it can take up to 30 days.
  • What is the anticipated length of time for review of an Encroachment Permit?
  • Many Encroachment Permits can and will be issued the same day as the application is received; however, some applications require more review and coordination with other City departments, utility companies, etc. Please allow for a three business day turnaround for all encroachment permit requests. If all required information is received at the time of application submittal, it will help expedite permit issuance.
  • How do I submit payment for my application?
  • Many applications can be paid after you have completed the application by selecting Credit or E-check payment options.
    Some Business License applications do not allow payment until the application has been reviewed. For these licenses, details will be provided on the fees screen of the application regarding the review and payment information.
  • Can I submit my plans for Building Plan Check review before my Planning Permit has been issued?
  • No. All Planning Permits must be issued prior to submitting to Building for Plan Check review.
  • Do I need to submit plans drawn by an architect or engineer?
  • Unlicensed persons are limited in the types of projects they can design. For more information, please review the following document from the California Board of Architects entitled Design Limitations for Professionals: