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Apply for a Planning Permit

Apply here for all Land Use Permit, Zoning Clearance, Design Review Board, Zoning Conformity Letter, and Planner Consultant requests.

Apply for a Building & Safety Permit

Apply here for all Building, Grading, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Pool/Spa Permits.

Apply for a Public Works Permit

Apply here for all Encroachment Permits.

Apply for a Business/Cannabis License

Apply online for a license for your business. (Applications must meet zoning requirements and some may require a zoning permit.)
If you have a current business license in the City, please use the Renew your Business License option below.

Renew your Business/Cannabis License

Apply here for you Business License renewal.

You will need an Online Authentication Code in order to renew online. This will be included on new renewals forms. If you do not have an Online Authentication Code, please follow the directions on the renewal application to renew your license.

Case Status

Check the status and details of your cases. You can also print or upload documents and other files, such as permits, letters, and other info relating to your application.

Inspection Requests

View and submit your inspection requests here. Please note that the cut-off time for receiving inspection requests is 4:00PM (DAILY).


Access the City mapping application to view parcel information and available City layers.
Please note that the digital scanning of permit documents and plans is an ongoing process. Some permit documents and plans may not yet be scanned. Please check with counter staff to determine if all of the discretionary permits for the time period between City Incorporation and now have been scanned and attached to the addresses in this system or if you have any questions or concerns about scanned permit documents and plans. If the documents have not been scanned, it means that these records are in paper form in City Hall.

Report an Issue

Let us know if you have any Building Permit, Zoning, Public Nuisance questions or wish to report a Zoning Violation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions. You can also find contact details for different departments if you need further assistance.